We are pleased this year to again offer our custom Planting Services


We offer the areas only 24Row Planter with Dry Fertilizer Application and Liquid in Furrow Pop up that is completely Variable rate both seed and fertilizer!


This planter set up is truly one of a kind!


Swing by today and check it out


Fitted with a Montag High Output Fertilizer Cart


Our Planter runs Trimble RTK Guidance with Next Swath Technology





 One of the most important decisions effecting yield is the Herbicide program you choose


We have fully Liscensed operators on the machines at all times

and we develop spray programs that keep the profitabilty of the grower in mind

Our job is not selling chemicals, its providing our customers with clean fields and profitable crops


Our sprayers run on RTK for subinch accuracy and provide real time data maps


We also offer UAN (32% or 28%) Nitrogen solution application with Y drop technology for precise nutrient placement


 From the start of the growing season to the last combine pass there are several factors that are working in your soils

We offer crop scouting services as well as fertilizer budgeting and crop rotation planning.




 Call us for all your Combining needs

We offer harvest to sales to storage support


We treat our customers fields like they are our own, adjusting the machines based on losses at the back of the machine, not from the operators manual.

The crop needs to end up in the bin, and over the scale, not left on the field



We have a full line of trucks to service our harvest and shipping needs at harvest